Excel@Uni | Student Success Interventions
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We believe that there are four essential pillars for student success.

These four pillars have been designed according to empirical evidence found in academic literature. Over the past five years we have guided student development according to these pillars, and have experienced incredibly positive results.


Detailed monitoring of student progress on academics and personal issues.

Academic Support

Additional one-on-one tutoring support for students that are battling academically.


Peer-to-peer mentoring that is well monitored and reported on.

Professional Development

Providing resources for personal development and career readiness.

Each of our four pillars is delivered through our digital platforms that make it easy to scale and support students.

Mila is our student management platform to help track student progress and quickly identify students that are at risk. It also serves as an invaluable tool to help bursary managers with reports for their board. Contact us to request a demo.

SimplyTutors is our platform that makes finding, booking and paying for one-on-one tutoring seamless. We offer scholarships and bursaries bespoke payment arrangements. Please feel free to contact the SimplyTutors team to find out more about payment arrangements and discounts for significant student volumes.

Lungela is our online resource platform with a collection of resources to help students prepare for the workplace. Topics range from tips and guidance on personal and professional skills to videos that help students develop essential academic skill sets, which ultimately develops more well-rounded and prepared graduates.

Lesedi is our peer-to-peer mentoring service. We connect students with one of our carefully selected peer mentors; senior students that have shown great progress in their own academics and extracurricular activities. All meetings and engagements are thoroughly reported on through our Mila platform. Our mentors are not psychologists as they are meant to serve the role of big sisters and big brothers so that students never feel alone. This ensures that students have someone who can guide them based on prior experience in the university environment.


Peer mentors serve as a critical connection point for the accelerated development of students, and also help to pick up on red flags for students who may be going through personal difficulties. Thorough monitoring of engagement sets our Lesedi service apart from other mentorship programmes. It is a lack of mentor-mentee monitoring that many university mentorship programmes often lack.

We advise that funders implement all four pillars of support. However, we do allow clients to select the elements that they believe are most critical or missing in their programmes.

Contact us if you wish to schedule a meeting to discuss our four pillars in more detail.