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All bursary managers agree on one thing: Managing bursary applications can be an absolute headache, especially if bursary managers receive thousands of applications for a single bursary call. This can be more daunting if applications are being collected manually through word documents, pdfs, or unstructured online forms. That is exactly why we created our Aura Applications Management System, to simplify the application process. Aura AMS is our web-based mobile-friendly platform that allows bursary candidates to digitally apply for bursary opportunities in a seamless manner while empowering bursary managers to, easily and quickly, assess their applicant pool. Furthermore, the Aura dashboard provides valuable data analytics that allows bursary managers to get immediate and dynamic insights on the progress of the bursary call. Below is a list of some of the value-adding features you can expect on Aura. Contact us here if you would like to experience your first headache-free bursary application call.

Aura Key Features:

  • Custom AURA landing page, and URL for your bursary.
  • Friendly, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing user interface where applicants are seamlessly able to apply for funding opportunities on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Applicants can submit documents through the platform, with functionality to allow for specific documents to be submitted for specific applicants e.g., Parental consent form for minors (POPI requirement).
  • Applicants can continue application from the last step they left off.
  • Applicants can track their application status.
  • Online support widget for candidates to submit questions about the bursary call.
  • Configurable application requirements based on your specific bursary call.
  • Dynamic dashboard – Sponsors can visually analyse general demographics of applicants such as distribution of gender, age, and location to ascertain if the bursary call has reached its target. Other analytics available.
  • Automatically rank, score and filter candidates based on their eligibility (e.g., marks and location).
  • Mass communication with candidates based on review steps passed (rejection communication and success communication).
  • Role based access to AURA (Admin roles and selection committee roles).
  • Allows for various members of the interview panel to score and submit their inputs.
  • Large volumes of applicants handled with functionality to create an easy shortlisting and pre-screening process (e.g., auto calculation of student averages).
  • Real-time information on applicants.

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