Where Are They Now?

Sinethemba Cele

Excel@Uni Alumni

After graduation, Sinethemba, joined the graduate programme at Rand Merchant Bank.

“I benefited a lot with Excel@uni in terms of support during my years of studies.

My mentor used to give me practical guidance on my personal development, especially when I had my specific issues that affected me academically. He also helped me a lot in terms of setting up my CV to appeal to the recruiters, and I still use that structure and advice up until today when I update my CV. I also attended several workshops, one that I still remember is the PowerPoint training. This helped my PowerPoint skills to improve, and the nice thing about these short courses is that you could add them to your LinkedIn profile and your CV. Furthermore, you could get endorsement on these skills from your peers.

The other thing that I found useful was the Strengthfinder assessment tool which assesses one’s personality and where one is best suited to work and/or careers one can pursue. I will forever be grateful for this, especially.”

Katlego Nkomo

Excel@Uni Alumni

After graduation, Katlego pursued his master’s degree in architecture at University of Pretoria and worked as a junior architectural designer.

“I learned a lot about time management, and I still use it today. The second thing my mentor really helped with is expressing myself fully and properly. I am normally someone that uses a lot of slang and abbreviations, but my mentor asked me to read a book and give a summary of the book. The initial draft of the summary was not very well articulated. I was using words like Hmmm and abbreviations like I’m, It was really bad. It was not like I could not write but it was something I was not taking a note of, now I proofread everything even my WhatsApp texts”

Basetsana Jokozela

Excel@Uni Alumni

After graduation, Basetsana joined the graduate programme at Growthpoint Properties.

“Excel@uni was very helpful to me especially when I initially joined the mentorship programme. At the time, I was still funded by another bursary. The bursary covered only my tuition and books, but it did not cover groceries, so I was struggling with that. However, my Excel@Uni mentor helped me a lot. She helped me put together a motivational letter for the Growthpoint bursary. I managed to get an interview and I was awarded the bursary with Growthpoint. The bursary covered everything including tuition, books and groceries.”

Danialle Lotz

Excel@Uni Alumni

After graduation, Danialle joined the Coronation internship programme.

“Excel@Uni provided a great support structure during my university journey. During my final year, I had a lot of anxiety and stress issues. However, with Excel@uni, I had someone to talk to, who would listen to me.

The CV preparation and Interview preparation webinars helped me a lot. As I speak now, I still use the same CV I used when we completed the CV preparation course. The Interview readiness was also very great in preparing me for interviews and acing my interviews.

One thing I would like from the Lungela Career  Readiness or Mentorship offering is for the programme to continue for at least the first six months of starting in the work environment. You know when you are just getting started in the workspace, everything is new. Things can be overwhelming and frustrating at work sometimes, and if that mentorship and support could stay for six months as we start our careers it would help a lot.”