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Bursary Applications Management System

Aura AMS is our web-based, mobile-friendly platform that allows bursary candidates to digitally apply for bursary opportunities in a seamless manner while empowering bursary managers to, easily and quickly, assess their applicant pool.
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Detailed monitoring of student progress on academics and personal issues through our MILA APP
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Academic Support

Additional one-on-one tutoring support for students that are battling academically.
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Peer-to-peer mentoring that is well monitored and reported on.

Career Readiness

Providing resources for personal development and career readiness.

Each of our solutions is delivered through our digital platforms that make it easy to scale and support students. Contact us if you wish to schedule a meeting to discuss our four pillars in more detail.


End-to-end Bursary admin

We provide end-to-end bursary administration encompassing all elements of the bursary ecosystem: recruitment, selection, monitoring, documentation, reporting and bursar support. Contact us so we can help you expand your bursary to reach more students.

Mila is our student management platform to help track student progress and quickly identify students that are at risk. It also serves as an invaluable tool to help bursary managers with reports for their board. Contact us to request a demo.

SimplyTutors is our platform that makes finding, booking and paying for one-on-one tutoring seamless. We offer scholarships and bursaries bespoke payment arrangements. Please feel free to contact the SimplyTutors team to find out more about payment arrangements and discounts for significant student volumes.

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