For quite some time universities and bursary donors have required a well-functioning academic and personal-life early warning system for students. Mila is our student management app which helps effectively track and monitor student performance and student well-being. Mila thus provides our clients with a vital early warning system for students that are struggling either academically or with personal issues. Mila additionally helps alleviate the administrative burden on bursary managers, particularly in terms of student documentation and reporting.

Mila Key Features:

  • Quick glance overview of students at risk and high performing students.
  • Allows students to enter and update their own information.
  • Ability to use the app on mobile and desktop.
  • Private messaging and communication.
  • Dashboard with key reporting statistics.
  • Fees and disbursement information.
  • Events management.
  • Integrated calendar.
  • All red flags are immediately reported to the Excel@Uni team and to the donor.
  • Consistent monitoring of each student’s academic and personal progress.
  • Upload function for all important documentation for reporting purposes.
  • Dynamic system that identifies struggling students early.
  • Data captured in preparation for predictive analytics.
  • Effortless progress updates to the bursary manager.
  • Greater flexibility in filtering options.

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