We provide end-to-end bursary administration, encompassing all elements of the bursary ecosystem; recruitment, selection, monitoring, documentation and bursar support.

  • Applications are collected through our online platforms.
  • Online platforms are designed to be mobile friendly to increase access to candidates from remote areas.
  • We implement all-round promotional activities for the bursary.
  • In cases where donors have a specific demographic that they wish to target, we have a systematic process to create a list of feeder schools.
  • We promote bursaries independently. This means that we do not bundle bursaries together during a recruitment drive.
  • Bursaries are specifically branded as required by the bursary. This means bursaries are branded with the name of the sponsor and not under our brand.
  • We work closely with our clients to design a custom application form that reflects the values of the client.
  • To ensure that student selection is as transparent as possible, Excel@Uni employs a four-step shortlisting process. This process is presented to the client before recruitment begins.
  • Excel@Uni is directly involved in the face-to-face interview process.
  • We work with our preferred service providers to administer psychometric assessments. We are open to the use of the client’s desired service provider.
  • Bursar contracting and contract management.
  • Up to date access to students’ funding disbursements, removing the hassle of requesting information related to the students.
  • Because we deal with students directly through our support programme, any problems related to funding disbursements are quickly identified and efficiently resolved.
  • We offer clients full access to our services throughout the year. In other words, we are flexible should the donor wish to add another student to their bursary at any point during the funding year.
  • Stipend and travel allowance budgeting and monthly disbursement.
  • In order to reduce the cost of textbooks on the donor, we also arrange for students to purchase some textbooks second hand through our partner online textbook marketplace called Quillo. In order for bursars to transact on Quillo, we provide them with online Quillo credits and a login for the website. All transactions are verified through our delivery system and we keep a record of all textbooks purchased through the platform.
  • Formal reporting
    Excel@Uni is available to provide formal reports on the bursaries’ state of affairs during or at the end of the bursary cycle. We require two-week notice for formal report back engagements but are always available for informal feedback on the students.
  • Monthly feedback
    Apart from formal reporting, Excel@Uni suggests meeting with the donor at least once a month in order to provide feedback on the students’ progress.
  • Improved student throughput rate. We aim for 100% success rate and work towards this every year.
  • Early identification of poor academic performance with appropriate intervention.
  • Speedy identification of key personal issues, which allows donors and Excel@Uni to act quickly before the student faces a crisis.
  • Improved pipeline of graduates into the business due to improved professional acumen developed during mentorship sessions and the Lungela portal.
  • Holistic student development. This is measured by increased campus participation and internship involvement.
  • Generally improved student attitudes and business acumen.
  • Peace of mind and informed decision making if the need to release a student arises.